Nikki Harrington


Somewhat oddly, perhaps, Giles writes about himself and a secret he is determined Buffy and her friends will never discover.

A Giles-centric Gen story.

Written: August 2009. Word count: 300.





It may seem strange to write a diary entry about myself, but I feel it necessary, as I wish to say a final goodbye to someone who was part of me. To someone who was me.


Buffy, Willow, Xander and the others think I am staid, stuffy, upright, moral, a formal, responsible person with conservative views. In short, they believe me to be a square. Indeed they once joked that I wore tweed diapers (nappies as the British call them) as a child.


That, however, is not the truth. At least not the whole truth. The whole truth is more than a little damning. It is true my upbringing was conservative, that I grew up from the age of ten knowing I would be a Watcher. It is true that I do have somewhat old fashioned views and that I am formal. But that was not always the case.


I dropped out of Oxford and amongst other things I learnt how to hot wire a car. However, that was minor compared to what else I did. I became part of a cult who delved into the dark arts for both fun and money. Ah, how little we knew of the true horrors of monsters and demons; to think I ever considered them 'fun'. I even summoned the demon Eyghon. I was known then as 'Ripper'; it is he to whom I am saying a final goodbye.


Buffy and the others must never learn about my past. They must never discover who I was and what I did. I must continue to be the upright, moral, stuffy, square, responsible person, who guides them. They cannot know. They must not know that the person they see and respect and I believe care for, is not the person they believe him to be.



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