Nikki Harrington


Giles writes about Angel.

A Giles-centric gen story.

Written: August 2009. Word count: 400.








Otherwise known as Angelus.


Angelus was one of the most feared, most cruel vampires of all time. He didn't just kill people, he taunted them; he stalked them, he played minds games with them and then, finally, he killed them.


He was monster. And I don't just mean because of the demon inside him. I know a vast amount about vampires and yes, they kill, they drink blood, but most of them do it because that is what they are. Most of them do not take the trouble to get to know their victim; to get inside their minds, to in effect destroy them. Angelus did. Angelus took pleasure in doing so. Angelus was feared across the entire world.




This is the stranger who is part of our group.


I did not know. None of us did. Not until he tasted blood on Buffy and revealed his fangs.


It is true he is not strictly speaking Angelus. He has a soul; a vampire with a soul. A truly awful thing. And it is true he has gone some way to paying for the horror he caused. For many, many years he lived on the streets, surviving on rats and other vermin, he was a vagrant.


And then he had a change to partly absolve himself. He had a chance to help; to help Buffy; to help rid the world of his kind. And he has done so.


And I cannot deny he has been of help to the group, of great help, He has saved Buffy; he has killed vampires. But I cannot allow him to remain a part of us. Even though he is ensouled; even though he has shown no signs of being Angelus, how can we trust him?


But there is more than just the fact he was Angelus; more than the fact he is a vampire; more than the fact he lives as a man who houses a demon. Much more. The more is Buffy. She cares for him, and he seems to be in love with her.


I cannot allow the relationship to continue. I cannot allow him to continue to help us. I cannot and yet . . . And yet, part of me feels we need him.


Of all the things the Council must never find out is that my Slayer has invited one of the most feared, most reviled vampires into her world.



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