Nikki Harrington


Giles makes a diary entry about Xander.

A Giles-centric gen story.

Written: August 2009. Word count: 200.








Alexander Harris, to be precise.


Alexander, now that is a nice normal name. But why has it not been shortened to 'Alex' rather than 'Xander'? I'm not certain I'll ever fully understand the way the American mind works. Yet, once again, despite the strangeness (at least to me) of the name, it suits Xander.


Xander is another of Buffy's friends whom she involved in vampire slaying, and he and Willow have been close friends since kindergarten.


Unlike Willow, Xander's academic intelligence level is not high; I sincerely doubt he will do anything more in education than graduate from High School. And there are times he does seem somewhat immature, when compared to Willow, that is.


However, I doubt one would find a more loyal, a more dedicated, a more supportive person than Xander. In the short time I have got to know him, I firmly believe that even if the world was about to end, Xander would find a way to stop it - even if it cost him his life.


He tries my patience at times, more so than the others, but he is very much part of the group, and we would be so much less without him.



Entries From The Private Watcher Diaries of Rupert Giles
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