Nikki Harrington


Giles writes more about Buffy.

A Giles-centric gen story.

Written: April 2009. Word count: 300.








Buffy Anne Summers. That is her name. That is name of my Slayer.


Buffy? Why do American parents give their children such strange names?


Buffy? What kind of name is that?


But I digress. That is what she has been named and even though I find it a very strange name indeed, I have to confess that somehow it suits her.


I have to confess something else too. I never did give her the Slayers' Handbook. It somehow seemed inappropriate for her.


I have now spent a few weeks watching her, training with her, listening to her and if I have learnt anything from the experience it is this: she will make her own rules; she will do things in her own way. If ever there was a 'natural' Slayer, if ever there was one who might do all she is meant to do and more, then Buffy is that girl.


As such I believe my time will be better spent nurturing what she has, helping her to develop her skills even more, teaching her, training her, making sure she stays alive. And in truth even I find the Slayers' Handbook more than a little tedious in parts.


It is dry, it was written by those who watch, not those who fight. It is full of rules and 'the Slayer must do things as they were always done'. Buffy is not the kind of person to follow rules simply because they have been written down.


Of course I will make it clear where the boundaries are. That I am the Watcher; that she will bend to my will when I wish her to.


And I shall remain just a Watcher to her, nothing more. I will train her; I will help her to stay alive. But that is all.



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