Ashleigh Anpilova


The team is impressed.

A team gen story.

Written: May 2009. Word count: 300.



"Those were the best eggs I've ever tasted, Gibbs," Abby declared.


"Me too, boss. I never knew you - Thank you, boss."


"I confess, Gibbs, they certainly were unlike any scrambled eggs I have tasted before." Ziva ate the last mouthful slowly.


"They were better even than my mom's." Palmer beamed at Gibbs.


"And I don't really like scrambled eggs," McGee exclaimed.


"As always, Jethro, they were extremely good." Ducky smiled at him.


"So what do you put in them, Gibbs?" Abby demanded.


Gibbs looked at them all before glancing at Ducky.


"I am afraid, my dears, that Jethro will not even tell me. All I know is, they contain a mixture of seasonings and the recipe has been passed down through the Gibbs family for generations."


"But, Gibbs. This is us. You can tell us." Abby gave him her pleading look.


"Go on, boss. Do tell us."


"I really would like to know what the seasoning is, Gibbs."


McGee and Palmer also looked at him with anticipation.


Gibbs shook his head. "No," he said firmly. "It's no good looking at me like that, Abbs. I'm not going to tell you."


Abby pouted. The effect, however, was spoiled by a yawn.


"Reckon it's time we all got some sleep," Gibbs said.


DiNozzo stood up. "Come on, I'll drive you all -"


"Hang on." Gibbs interrupted him. DiNozzo was too tired to drive anyone anywhere. He glanced at Ducky and silently asked a question. Ducky nodded his agreement. "Abbs, Ziva, you can have the spare room. DiNozzo, McGee, Palmer, the couch turns into a bed."


No one argued. The girls headed sleepily for the stairs. DiNozzo led McGee and Palmer into the lounge. After a moment or two, Gibbs and Ducky headed for Gibbs's bedroom and a few hours of much needed sleep.





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