Ashleigh Anpilova


Gibbs surprises the team.

A team gen story.

Written: May 2009. Word count: 300.




Gibbs suddenly noticed Ducky had let the fašade of not being tired slip. He frowned; he hadn't realized Ducky was quite that exhausted. "If you want to go home, Duck. Instead of -"


"And miss out on Leroy Jethro Gibbs's culinary masterpiece? I think not." Ducky replied. "Although if I might crave a favor?"


"Crave away."


"The use of your spare room for a while after breakfast. It would save me -"


"All yours, Duck." He handed Ducky his phone. "You call Palmer and Abbs and I'll tell this lot." He whistled, hiding a smile as three heads shot up and turned in his direction.


"On it, boss," DiNozzo said, gripping the arms of his chair and looking around him.


"I'll have it for you in a minute, boss," McGee called, his fingers making contact with his keyboard.


"What is it you would like me to do, Gibbs?" Ziva asked, a pen in her hand.


"Pack up, get your coats and bags and meet me at my house. You can drive, DiNozzo." Gibbs glanced at Ducky, who replaced the phone for the second time, and raised an eyebrow. Ducky nodded. "I'll take you, Abbs and Palmer." He turned back to the others; they were looking at him as if he hadn't spoken English.




Gibbs grabbed his Sig and briefcase. "Pack up. Coats. Bags. My place. It's breakfast time," he said. "I'm cooking. Meet you by the car in five, Duck," he added, already halfway across the squad room.


However, he still heard DiNozzo's, "Gibbs cook? Can he cook, Ducky?" The fact DiNozzo hadn't waited until Gibbs was out of earshot told just how exhausted he was.


"Oh, yes, Anthony. I have been the recipient of Jethro's secret recipe eggs on more than one occasion. Apparently it is all in the seasoning."





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