Darby Brennan


A companion piece to Gift Horse and No Favourites.

Doyle explains why he left.

An established relationship story.

Written: August 2007. Word count: 200.



I left because I couldn't stay.


Couldn't stay and be haunted any longer.


Not by dreams or by nightmares, they were the easy bit. But by reality. By the horror I saw day in and day out. By the horror I caused. By the things I did. Had to do.


Couldn't do it. Couldn't stay any longer and do those things.


I thought if I left, got away, then the haunting would stop.


It didn't.


Oh, I don't cause horror any longer. I don't have to go out and kill and lie for Queen, country and George bloody Cowley.


But I know now that was the easy bit. Why?


Because I had Bodie by my side.


I always knew he meant a lot to me. Just didn't know how much. Not until I left.


Now I'm haunted by what might be. What might be happening to him.


I never told him how I felt. I didn't know how to. I didn't know if ‘we' meant anything. Whether it was just a casual thing, or whether he felt like I did.


Guess he didn't.


He didn't try to stop me leaving. Did he?


I just wish I knew how he felt.



Pre-Determined is the sequel to this story.


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