Darby Brennan


A companion piece to Gift Horse.

Cowley reflects on Bodie and Doyle, and reaches a decision.

 An established relationship story.

Written: August 2007. Word count 200.



‘Never have favourites'. A rule I always intended to follow.


And I did. Until Messrs. William Andrew Philip Bodie and Raymond Doyle came into my life. Then everything changed.


Och, I tried to follow the rule, tried to think of them as just another two of my boys. But that's part of what makes, what made, them such a fine team: you don't really notice them, until it's too late.


They were the best team I ever had; the best I'm ever likely to have. Agents, people, like them don't come along very often.


I say ‘were' because they're no more. Doyle has gone.


Walked away.




Left his job. His home. His friends. Left Bodie. Now that surprised me. I knew you see; I had to. And whilst I didn't exactly encourage it, nor did I forbid it.


Bodie thinks I don't know how much he's missing Doyle. But I do. And I don't like what I see.


Och, George, you're going soft in your old age.


Maybe I am. Because I'm going to tell Bodie to follow Doyle.


I'll have lost two agents rather than one. But that happened anyway. I lost Bodie the day Doyle walked away.



Couldn't Stay is a companion piece to this story.


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