Ashleigh Anpilova


The fifth part of the Accepting Series.

Jethro has fallen asleep. Ducky, however, is still awake.

An established relationship story.

Written: December 2008. Word count: 300.



As he lay in Jethro's arms Ducky felt the most loved, the most cherished, the most treasured person in world. He was happy; he was overwhelmed with joy.


He was utterly and totally delighted, ecstatic beyond all reason because finally the thing, the person, he had wanted for decades was now his.

Jethro's lovemaking had been the most tender, the most intimate, the most giving Ducky had ever experienced. For a man who had never touched another man sexually, Jethro's caresses and kisses had been perfection. He seemed to be able to read what Ducky wanted, seemed to know how Ducky liked to be kissed, touched, stroked, held, how he liked to be made love to.


In spite of the fact that neither the lighting nor the heating had come back on, Ducky felt warm, he felt very warm, he felt certain he was radiating heat. Even though Jethro had finally fallen asleep more than half an hour ago, Ducky's skin still tingled from the loving it had experienced. He felt aglow with the love Jethro had shown him.


Next to him Jethro's body was also still heated, especially where it pressed against Ducky. He was a little surprised, but delighted, to discover that Jethro liked to cuddle. He'd been expecting that, once they'd ceased to make love, Jethro would kiss him and move away - but he hadn't. Instead he gathered Ducky into his arms and settled down to sleep still holding him, very possessively.


But sleep wasn’t what Ducky's body wanted, because as he lay recalling the way he'd been loved, a different kind of heat began to travel through him.


Feeling just a little daring, Ducky put his lips to Jethro's ear and murmured, "Wake up, Jethro. I am getting cold. I need you to warm me up."





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