Ashleigh Anpilova


The second part of the Accepting Series.

Gibbs thinks about what Ducky said.

A pre-slash story.

Written: December 2008. Word count: 300.



Jethro stood mouth slightly open watching Ducky as he walked away from him.


He was tempted to go after him, stop him and tell him he was mistaken. Of course he wasn't jealous! Why the hell would he be? He didn't want Ducky himself, did he?


Of course he didn't. He wasn't gay; hell he wasn't even bi. He didn't want Ducky for himself; he didn't care who Ducky slept with, did he? Course not. Therefore he wasn't jealous. Therefore Duck was wrong.


So why had he interrupted Ducky's conversation with the guy he been talking to? Duck was right about one thing, what he had to ask him wasn't important. Couldn't have been given that Ducky had left before he'd had a chance to say whatever it was he was going to say. It was just that, well, he hadn't like the look of the guy; he hadn't seemed 'right' for Ducky.


Would anyone be? The voice in his head came so loudly, he'd looked around him to see who'd spoken before he realized it was his mind.


"And it wasn't the first time either. Think about it." Now the words Ducky'd said to him came to his mind.


Wasn't it? No, it wasn't. It wasn't by far.


Ducky was right. Damn it, but Ducky was right. If he saw Ducky talking to some other guy, he had to interrupt. He had to -


Shit. Ducky was right again. He was jealous. He didn't like Ducky talking to anyone else, certainly not anyone who might be interested in him.


But what did that mean?


Did it mean he wanted Ducky for himself?


Suddenly in a moment of startling clarity, he realized it did.


And he realized something else: he had to do something about it. Now.


"Flowers," he said, as he jogged out of the building to his car.





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