Ashleigh Anpilova


It's been six months since Tim and Gibbs got together and everything is going well. Except Gibbs is concerned about something.

An established relationship story.

Written: June 2009. Word count: 300.



Gibbs ran his sander over his boat. Normally the motion of smoothing wood calmed him, but not today.


His mind turned, as it often did, to Timothy McGee: his lover. They'd been together for six months and apart from his years with Shannon and Kelly, Gibbs couldn't remember being happier. Apart from his friendship with Ducky he couldn't remember a relationship fulfilling him so much.


They seemed to be growing closer and closer. Tim was all but living with Gibbs, more and more of his stuff, clothes, books, toiletries, had found their way to Gibbs's house. He'd even brought over an 'old' computer; not that it looked old to Gibbs.


And despite living alone for so long and being happy with his own company, Gibbs found himself more than content to share his home. Indeed on the nights Tim declared he had to work on his book, Gibbs found he missed Tim.


Everything was great. As near to perfect as it could be.


Except it wasn't.


It wasn't because Gibbs knew there was some barrier between them. He didn't know what it was; he just knew it was beginning to push them apart. Only in subtle ways; Tim might not even have noticed. But Gibbs had. He'd catch Tim looking at him; then hastily looking away. He felt Tim backing away from him bit by bit. And he didn't know why.


Maybe it was just the age gap; maybe it was too great as he'd once thought. Yet his gut told him it wasn't that. His gut told him it was something else.


He'd waited long enough. He had to know what the something was before he woke up one day and Tim had gone.


Tim was coming round tonight; he'd ask him. He'd ask him what the 'thing' was.





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