Ashleigh Anpilova


Tim is asleep and Gibbs is awake.

An established relationship story.

Written: June 2009. Word count: 300.



Relaxed, contented and very well loved, Gibbs should, as his lover was, be asleep. Instead he was awake and remembering the last few hours.


Tim had arrived, barely paused long enough to do more than give Gibbs a perfunctory kiss and blurted out 'tell me about you and Ducky'.


Gibbs had been surprised. Tim knew about Ducky and him. Ducky had been his closest, dearest, oldest friend; everyone had known that. His surprise had deepened when Tim had got frustrated and added 'about you being lovers'.


Even now Gibbs found himself a little surprised that he'd never realized that the entire team, plus the rest of NCIS's staff had believed Ducky and he had been lovers.


Tim's revelation had sent conflicting feelings racing through him. The first had been relief that the barrier he'd felt between Tim and himself was something so simple to resolve. The second had been a sense of sorrow that everyone had believed what Ducky had always wanted and yet had never got.


He'd told Tim everything. Told him how while he'd loved Ducky and would always love him, it'd only been as a dear friend. He'd told Tim how he hadn't known about Ducky's feeling for him until Ducky had been dying. And he'd told Tim what Ducky's dying words had been, and how they had played a large part in he and Tim being together.


Tears had glistened in Tim's eyes as they'd talked, reminding Gibbs, had he needing reminding, of how gentle his lover was, and how much he cared. And he'd known then that everything would be all right. That Tim and he would be all right.


He kissed Tim gently, smiled at the way Tim snuggled a little nearer to him and finally settled down to join his lover in sleep.





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