Ashleigh Anpilova


A sequel to Don't Want To Be Alone.

Gibbs takes Fornell on a road trip.

An established relationship story.

Gibbs/Ducky are also mentioned in this story.

Warning: Major character death in the past mentioned.

Written: April 2009. Word count: 300.



Fornell slumped in the passenger seat of Gibbs's sedan. They'd been driving for about an hour and Gibbs hadn't said a word. Instead he'd seemed to be lost in his memories.


Finally Fornell had had enough. "What are we doing, Jethro?"


"Huh?" Gibbs glanced at him. "What do you think we're doing, Tobias?"


"You tell me."


"We're going on a trip."


"Where to this time?"




"I said where to this time? Which of the many places you and Ducky went to are you going to take me to now?"


Gibbs glanced at him again. "I - Shit."


Fornell closed his eyes. He knew. If he was honest he'd known from the night Gibbs had arrived at his door. But he'd let himself be lured into the arms of the man he'd wanted for years. Let himself believe Gibbs wanted him. Let himself believe he could somehow replace Ducky. But he couldn't.


"It's not going to work, is it, Jethro? Us."


Gibbs pulled off the road. He reached for Fornell's hand. "Sorry, Tobias," he said, his tone full of self-disgust. "I didn't . . . Sorry," he repeated.


"I guess that's something."


Gibbs turned his head. "What?"


"You saying you're sorry. I bet the only other person who heard that was Ducky. Am I right?"


Gibbs shrugged. "Probably. Look, Tobias. I'll -"


"Let me out here." Fornell opened the door.


"You can't get out here."


"Sure I can. I'll call a cab. We're not in the middle of nowhere this time."


"Tobias, I -"


Fornell shook his head. "Go on. Finish the trip by yourself."


For a brief second Gibbs let Fornell see the truth as he stopped hiding his gaze. Fornell swallowed hard; he wished he hadn't seen it.


As he watched the car drive off Fornell wondered if he'd ever see his friend again.





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