Ashleigh Anpilova


A sequel to At The End Of The Tunnel.

Gibbs wakes up and realizes Fornell and he have been together for a year.

An established relationship story.

Gibbs/Ducky are also mentioned in this story.

Warning: Major character death in the past mentioned.

Written: September 2009. Word count: 300.




The sunlight streaming through the window awoke Gibbs. By his side, Fornell slept on.


Gibbs lay for a moment enjoying the warmth of the early-autumn sun and remembering. It was his and Fornell's anniversary. They'd been lovers for one year; which meant it was a year since he'd buried Ducky.


He glanced at his sleeping lover. Despite everything, despite the over-whelming grief of Ducky's death and the way he'd initially treated Fornell, using him purely as a substitute, it'd been a good year. He was content, in fact he was happy; a year ago he never thought he'd feel that way again.


Slipping from the bed, taking care not to wake Fornell, he went to the bathroom, showered, shaved, dressed and went downstairs.


A year? Who'd have thought it? Not him. A year. Fornell had been there for him, loving him, accepting he still loved Ducky, offering him friendship, support, love, comfort, all really without demanding anything.


A year. He should have done something. Bought Fornell something. But what? A card? A present? Yeah, like they did that kind of thing. They were both too old for the big romantic gestures; besides their relationship didn't need them. But he wanted to do something. He wanted to show Fornell how thankful he was, how much he cared.


"You approve, don't you, Duck?" he said, glancing at a photograph of Ducky; a photograph Fornell had insisted Gibbs kept on display. He knew he wasn't being fanciful when he felt Ducky's affirmative answer.


A card or present weren't possible. But there was something he could do.


Twenty minutes later, a tray laden with scrambled eggs, coffee (made as Fornell liked it), toast, orange juice, butter and marmalade, he strode into the bedroom just as Fornell was waking up.


"Happy Anniversary, Tobias." He smiled.





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