Ashleigh Anpilova


Ducky is in his kitchen making Jethro coffee and thinking.

A Ducky-centric gen story.

Written: March 2009. Word count: 300.



As he stood in his kitchen listening to the sounds of the coffee machine and inhaling the wonderful scents, Ducky's thoughts turned to Jethro, and his reaction to the news that Ducky planned to take a holiday in the UK.


He'd been surprised by quite how, it has to be said, upset Jethro had seemed. How quiet, even for a man who wasn't talkative, he'd become, after Ducky had shared his New Year's resolution.


As he watched the black liquid drip into the jug, Ducky realized he'd been somewhat surprised that Jethro had accepted his invitation to spend New Year's Eve at Reston House.


For months now it'd seemed to Ducky that their friendship had become less close, less intimate than it'd ever been. He'd blamed Jethro finding out the truth about him and what he was really capable of. But now he wondered if it'd been him projecting his own feelings, his fears that, despite rescuing him, Jethro wouldn't want to continue to be friends with him, onto Jethro.


Had he treated his oldest and closest friend badly? Had he misjudged Jethro and his feelings? Had he pushed Jethro away? Was their friendship still as close as ever?


As the aroma of the coffee increased, Ducky was suddenly aware that it had been he who had pushed Jethro away. He who, expecting Jethro to back away, had made it happen.


He hadn't realized that's what he'd done. Jethro's reaction to his UK trip was proof nothing had changed between them, nothing at all. Maybe he should - but no, Jethro would never agree.


However, as he poured some of the thick black liquid into Jethro's mug and moved to the stairs to take it up to the spare room, Ducky decided he could lose nothing by making the suggestion.


Happy New Year?

Had Not Realized

Could It Be?

About Your Vacation


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