Ashleigh Anpilova


A sequel to Over.

Silver thinks about what Steel said to him.

An established relationship story.

Written: April 2009. Word count: 300.



"Please stay, Silver. I -" Steel paused. "I need you."


Steel's grip on his wrist was like a steel band. As he glanced down at Steel's fingers, Silver realised it was the first time Steel had ever shown even a hint of his strength when touching him. It wasn't that Silver had ever wanted Steel to hurt him, he may heal easily but he'd never enjoyed pain, but he had wanted Steel not to hide his true self.


He looked from Steel's fingers into his face, studying his fellow element, his lover, his meant-to-be ex-lover carefully, trying to read the grey gaze. Steel needed him? Steel was admitting to needing him? 'Need' was not something he'd ever dared to hope for, had ever looked for; not from Steel. In fact he'd always thought Steel might tell him he loved him before saying he needed him.


Steel was silent, as silent as he'd been the previous evening when Silver had told him he was leaving him, as silent as he so often was. He just stood there, still holding Silver's wrist, just looking at him.


As he looked into the unreadable grey eyes, Silver let his mind slip back over the months they'd been together, the months he'd shared Steel's home. Despite everything they had at one level been good months, very good months. He'd meant what he'd said, he would always love Steel. But was love enough?


He thought about his life before Steel, how he'd moved from lover to lover to lover. Did he want to return to that?


He glanced down once again at the grip Steel still had on his wrist. "If I stay," he said, looking back up. "You have to let me see the real you. You have to give me something."


Steel nodded. //I will.//



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