Ashleigh Anpilova


Steel watches Silver pack.

An established relationship story.

Written: April 2009. Word count: 300.



It was over.


Just as Steel knew it would be.


Silver was packing.


Silver was packing to leave.


Silver was packing to leave him.


Steel watched as his fellow element, his lover, his ex-lover, carefully and methodically packed his array of clothes, his small, shiny objects, his pictures, his toiletries and everything else that he'd brought into Steel's home.


He watched him and he tried to feel something.


He watched him and he tried not to feel anything. He tried to push away the insidious fear and pain that was creeping slowly through him.


It was his own fault; he knew that. He hadn't been able, he hadn't been willing, to give Silver what he wanted, what he needed. He didn't know how to.


He had never experienced a relationship before. He had never had to think about someone else outside of their working environment. He had never had to share himself. He had never had to give.


Silver had been patient, he knew that. Silver had tried. Silver had tried to be enough for both of them. Silver had tried to help Steel learn how to be part of a couple.


But finally even Silver's patience had run out.


He'd told Steel the night before. Had told him bluntly, coldly, his tone flat, dry, distant, so unlike his normal tone. He'd told Steel he still loved him, would always love him, but he could no longer be with him. He told him it was over. And Steel had said nothing in return.


As the last few months began to fade away, Steel suddenly recalled what life had been like before he'd brought Silver into his home. Did he want to go back to that?


"Wait," he said, grabbing Silver's wrist. "Please stay, Silver. I -" He paused. "I need you."



Decision Time is the sequel to this story.


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