Nikki Harrington

A companion piece to I Can't.
Hawkeye muses on his relationship with BJ.
A pre-slash story.
Written: October 2007. Word count: 100.


I wasn't sure about BJ at first, wasn't sure he could replace Trapper.


Trapper and I were alike, kindred spirits. I wasn't sure I could find that again.


But soon after BJ arrived, I knew I was wrong. Very wrong.


I'd found a new kindred spirit.


BJ was the kind of best friend anyone would want.


And I had him as mine.


But I didn't just want him as my best friend.


I wanted him as more.


And now I know he wants me too.


I just wonder if the day'll come when he'll act on it.


I hope so.



Walk By Moonlight is the sequel to this story.


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