Ashleigh Anpilova


The fourth part of the Noticing Series.

McGee wonders why DiNozzo can't see what is so obvious to him.

An established relationship story.

Written: June 2006. Word count: 420.



I sometimes wonder about DiNozzo's skill as an investigator, for all his abilities he can sometimes fail to see what's under his nose.


Take the other day for example. I was in the men's room when he came in, I knew something was up as he was rubbing his head and holding his lips tightly together; then I saw blood as he rinsed. For a minute I thought that he'd been interviewing someone who had taken a swing at him, but then I remembered he'd been in Autopsy with Gibbs.


Whatever I think of Tony, and most of the time I get along with him and I have learned from him, he's my coworker. He's supported me, more than once; so it was time for me to repay the favor. I asked him what was wrong and he growled at me. But it was the ‘ask me again, because I want to tell you' kind of snarl, Tony's such a kid at times. So I did. And he told me.


I was surprised; actually I was shocked. Gibbs has never hit anyone hard before now. I've had my fair share of head slaps, and I know that Gibbs always pulls the slap. It sounds far worse than it is; the shock of it is worst thing. For him to really hurt Tony, he must have been extremely pissed off.


So I asked Tony what he'd done. He told me he'd done nothing, except for snap at Ducky and tell him to hurry up. And he calls that nothing?


Honestly, he's worked with Ducky and Gibbs longer than I have. Yet I knew within five minutes of seeing them together, that one Gibbs rule you didn't break, even if you broke all the others, was the one that doesn't have a number: ‘Don't criticize Ducky in front of Gibbs'. Although knowing just how omnipotent the boss is, I'd forget the last four words, because believe me, Gibbs'd find out.


How can DiNozzo not know that?


How can he not have seen it? Seen the ultra close friendship Gibbs and Ducky have?


He was around when Ducky was kidnapped, saw the way Gibbs behaved. I think it was then that my suspicions about their friendship being more than just friendship were confirmed. And of course once they were, I felt stupid for not realizing it sooner. It's as plain as anything to see; at least it is for a trained investigator. And DiNozzo's meant to be just that.


Will he never learn?




It Was In His Voice

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Will He Never Learn?

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