Ashleigh Anpilova


The first part in the 'Aftermath' Series.

Set after Judgment Day.

McGee has to face a change.

An established relationship story.

Written: May 2008. Word count: 200.



It was over.


His time as 'Probie' was over. Although Gibbs had once told him that Mike Franks still referred to him as 'Probie'.


But that was different.


He's always wanted it; hoped for it.


But now it had happened he wasn't sure.


Especially as it hadn't happened in the way he'd thought it would happen.


Tony, blaming himself for the death of the Director, also pissed with Gibbs and Ducky for what they'd done, what they'd known, for how they'd joined forces with Fornell to find out the truth about Jasper Shepard and the death of La Grenouille, had simply handed Gibbs his badge and gun, told his ex-boss exactly what he thought of him and had walked out.


He wouldn't be coming back. He'd made that quite clear.


Tim wishes him well. He'll miss him. He really will.


It was over.


The end of an era.


Now a new era has begun.


He looks at Abby. "Can I do it, Abby?" he asks quietly. "Can I be Gibbs's senior agent?"


She smiles. Through the tears she'd shed, first for Jenny Shepard, and then when Tony had left, she smiles. "Of course you can, Tim," she says, and kisses him.




It Was Over

Quite Certain

Watching Them

In His Bones



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