Ashleigh Anpilova


The second part of the After Hiatus Series.

Set a couple of weeks after Escaped.

Ducky was correct. Gibbs is avoiding him.

An established relationship story.

Written: May 2007. Word count: 300.



Never say sorry for what you meant to do.


He's right.


I am avoiding him.


But I don't know what else to do.


I walked out on him. Packed up and left.


Left my home.


Left my job.


Left people who cared about me.


Left him.


And all without a word.


All without saying goodbye.


All without saying goodbye to the person I love more than life. More than I can even explain.


Always said I was a bastard.


And now I'm back. But I don't know what to say to him.


"Hey, Duck, sorry I left you."


Yeah, right. Like that'll do.


Anyway, I can't. Because it's partly a lie.


Oh, I am sorry I left him. And yet at the same time I'm not.


I had to. But I don't know how to explain that.


Don't know how to explain that to myself. So how the hell can I explain it to him?


So I avoid him.


It's easier.


Except it isn't.


And the longer I go on avoiding him that harder it'll be.


The more distance they'll be between us.


The more coldness.


The more pain.


The more heartache.


The more suffering.


The more hurt.


Maybe I should find a way. Say something. Anything.


But if I talk to him; tell him; say I'm sorry, then . . .


Then he might expect me to go straight back to his bed.


And I don't know if I can. Not yet. It wouldn't be right.


I love him too much to cheat on him. To lie to him.


And if I sleep with him now, I'm not sure that it'll be him I'm thinking of. And I won't do that to him.


Far better to stay away.


To keep my distance.


To avoid him.


Until . . .


Until I've got her back where she belongs.


Until I . . .


Anyway, is sorry really enough?






Is Sorry Really Enough?

Hard To Say I'm Sorry



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