Ashleigh Anpilova


Set six months after Quiet Night In.

Tim decides it's time to tell Gibbs about him and Jimmy.

An established relationship story.

Written: January 2012. Word count: 500.



Tim and Jimmy had been involved for six months; those months had been the best, the happiest of Tim's life. They'd even started talking about the possibility of sharing an apartment.


Once they'd started talking about such things, Tim knew he had to talk to Gibbs. He'd been putting it off for too long because unlike Abby he wasn't convinced Gibbs would be 'fine' about the relationship. Thus, he'd decided he'd tell Gibbs that very day.


He and Jimmy rarely went out; both preferring to spend evenings at home and Tim had made sure he hadn't paid superfluous visits to Autopsy. Thus when he ran into Ducky in the elevator Ducky's words surprised him.


"Ah, Timothy, good morning to you."


"Hey, Ducky. It's a lovely day."


"Yes, it is rather pleasant for the time of year. Talking of which, Timothy, do you mind if I give you a wee bit of advice?"


"Er, not at all, Ducky."


"Tell Jethro about Jimmy and yourself before he has reason to mention it to you. I assure you, it will be much better if you are the one to raise the matter."


Tim felt his mouth fall open and he hastily closed it. "But . . . How . . . ? Did . . . ? Does . . . ?" Ducky continued to stare at him a gentle smile on his face as Tim babbled incoherently. "Right," he managed finally. "I'll do that, Ducky."


"Good, because when you all come to dinner on Thanksgiving, I won't have to worry about where I seat you or about letting the cat out of the bag."


"Thanksgiving?" Tim asked, as the elevator doors opened.


"Oh, yes. Now I believe you're in luck. Look, there is Jethro. He's heading this way; how very fortunate." And with those words, Ducky patted Tim's arm and left the elevator, calling 'hello' to Gibbs as he passed him.


Tim wasn't sure about it being 'fortunate'. However, given he had decided to face Gibbs he decided to grab the moment. "Hey, boss," he said, as Gibbs got into the elevator. "Can I have a word with you?"


Gibbs stared at him for a moment before nodding. The elevator began to move, then halted as Gibbs pushed the emergency stop button. "Well, McGee," he said after Tim just stared at him in silence.


Tim wet his lips. "How exact is Rule Twelve?"


Gibbs shrugged. "Depends."




"On what you're trying to tell me, Tim."


Tim paused, then said in a rush, "JimmyandIhavebeenseeingoneanotherandit'sseriousboss." He waited and went on waiting.


Finally Gibbs sighed. "Just don't miss Ducky's Thanksgiving dinner."


"You mean you don't mind? He is a coworker."


"Know that, McGee." Tim felt his cheeks begin to flush. To his surprise Gibbs put his hand on his shoulder and squeezed it. "Proud of you, Tim."




"For telling me." And without another word, Gibbs pressed the emergency button to restart the elevator.


"Thanks, boss," Tim murmured. As Gibbs strode out of the elevator Tim could have sworn he saw a faint smile twitch Gibbs's lips.



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