Ashleigh Anpilova


A sequel to Abby's Blessing.

Tim and Jimmy have a quiet night in.

A first time story.

Written: January 2012. Word count: 500.



Tim glanced around his apartment to see if everything was ready. He and Jimmy had decided to stay in rather than go out for their first official 'date'. After all neither of them were night-club or bar types and while they knew one another quite well from working together for eight years, they decided it would be nice to sit and talk in a quiet setting.


Jimmy had also expressed an interest in seeing where Tim did his writing. He had laughing said until he actually saw Tim's typewriter he couldn't believe that Tim really used one to write his books, given how computer-orientated he was.


Tim had opened a bottle of wine and they would order pizza once Jimmy arrived. He'd put a couple of clean towels to one side and opened a new toothbrush. He didn't know if Jimmy would want to stay over, but he liked to be prepared.


The doorbell rang and he hurried to answer it. "Hey, Jimmy," he smiled at Jimmy. "Come in."


"Thanks, Tim." Jimmy smiled back.


Tim closed the door behind Jimmy and turned towards him. For a moment he wasn't sure how to greet Jimmy, should he hug him? Or what? Before he could decide, Jimmy put his arms around him, gave him a brief hug and brushed his lips over Tim's cheek. He then smiled and moved further into the apartment.


He spied Tim's desk and hurried over to it. "So it is true? You do use a typewriter. Or do you?" he grinned at Tim before running a fingertip over the keyboard and looking at it. "You really do!"


Tim laughed, all hints of nervousness fled. He suddenly felt completely at ease; this was right; it really was. "Yes, I do," he went over to Jimmy and touched his arm. "I know it must seem strange, but I prefer writing that way. It seems . . ."


"It seems what?" Jimmy put his hand over Tim's.


"It'll sound silly."


Jimmy squeezed Tim's hand and shook his head. "No, it won't. Nothing you say is silly."


Tim laughed. "Maybe not so much these days, but when I think back to some of the things I said and did when I first started to work for NCIS."


"Yes, me too." Jimmy also laughed. "I think that's why we're so right for one another, Tim." Suddenly the laughter had gone and he looked serious.


"It took us long enough though, didn't it?" Tim's tone was rueful.


Jimmy smiled and put a hand on each of Tim's shoulders. "The good things are worth waiting for," he whispered, before leaning a little nearer to Tim and kissing him. The kiss was somewhat tentative and brief, but Tim knew it was also addictive and once it had ended, he cupped Jimmy's face between his hands and kissed Jimmy.


"Shall we order pizza now?" he asked, when he took his mouth from Jimmy's.


Jimmy took Tim's hand. "Let's. Then you can tell me what you think will sound silly."



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