Ashleigh Anpilova


Fornell is assigned to help NCIS on a case and it involves working in the squad room; Gibbs assigns McGee to help him. To Fornell's surprise he starts to realize something about McGee.

A pre-slash story.

Written: August 2012. Word count: 500.



Briefcase in hand Fornell followed Gibbs through the squad room to where the members of his field team sat.


Gibbs put his coffee down on his desk and clapped his hands; three heads swiveled to look at him. "The FBI and NCIS are working together on the Egbertson case," he said. "Fornell will be working here. You can have that desk, Tobias," he pointed to the spare desk. "McGee, get him sorted out with a computer and stuff."


"Yes, boss."




"And I thought the FBI system was complicated." Fornell leaned back in his chair and took a sip of the coffee McGee had given him. It actually tasted like coffee - unlike what passed for coffee at the FBI.


McGee smiled at him and Fornell felt a strange sensation pass through his body. "It's not really that complicated; not when you get used to it."


"I'm not sure I'll be here long enough to get used to it." Fornell took another swallow of coffee, enjoying the slightly bitter taste. "You get better coffee than we do," he said; to his surprise McGee blushed.


"Er, it's not NCIS coffee. There's a decent coffee shop, well we all think it's decent, the boss doesn't, around the corner and I -" He was interrupted by the phone on his desk ringing.


As he hurried away to answer it, Fornell got the impression McGee was relieved to get away from him, but surely not. No, Fornell told himself, he was imagining it.


During the rest of the day Fornell asked McGee several questions about the system and for an hour they worked together on one particular aspect of the case. It was only when he was about to ask McGee another question that Fornell stopped himself and forced himself to concentrate on what he'd been ignoring all day; what he'd been trying to ignore.


Why did he keep finding reasons to talk to McGee? Was it just because he was the brightest member of Field Team Gibbs and always had an instant answer to his question? Or was it something else? Something he really didn't want to admit to. He thought his days of finding men attractive had long passed; not that he'd ever acted on the attraction, it had never been a deep enough appeal.


Suddenly he was aware McGee had spoken. "Sorry, McGee," he said looking up. "I was concentrating on something. What did you say?"


"Just that I'm going for the day so if you have any other questions . . . ?" McGee trailed off and smiled at Fornell.


Telling himself he was ten kinds of fool and telling himself he had to tread carefully, Fornell glanced around him. He was faintly surprised to see only Gibbs remained at his desk. Lowering his voice just a little he said, "Yes. Can I buy you dinner?" He was about to add quickly 'to thank you for all your help today' but McGee replying stopped him.


"Thank you. I'd like that." And McGee's cheeks colored just a little.



Dinner For Two is the sequel to this story.



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