Ashleigh Anpilova


A sequel to Dinner For Two.

It's the night of the book launch party and Fornell is getting ready.

A first time story.

Written: August 2012. Word count: 500.



There were many things Fornell wanted in his life: more hours in the day, more time to spend with Emily, fewer bad guys, fewer procedures at work, a raise were the first few that came to mind, but there were plenty more.


However, at the moment the one thing he wanted more than anything was Timothy McGee. He wanted the evening at McGee's fellow book writer to go well and he wanted it to end with him letting McGee know how he felt about him; that he wanted to see him again and again and -


He shook his head as he knotted his tie; he was too old for this. What on earth was he thinking of? Why would an intelligent, attractive, friendly, caring, sexy young man in his early thirties be interested in a man some twenty years his senior? A man with a young daughter, a man who wasn't attractive, sexy, all that friendly, yes, he cared and he wasn't unintelligent, but his intelligence paled into insignificance when compared to McGee's. He was just being a middle-aged fool.


And the tie wasn't right. It was all very well buying a new one, one that the store assistant assured him was 'in'; it may well be 'in' but it wasn't him. He pulled it off and grabbed one of his standard, plain ties. He was about to knot it when he wondered if a suit and tie was the right thing to be wearing to a book launch party? Maybe he should have dressed down, but he was more comfortable in a suit and tie than in anything else and he needed to be comfortable. But what if -


The doorbell interrupted his thoughts. Knotting the tie he hurried downstairs to answer it. "Hello, Tobias," McGee said, smiling at him. "I hope I'm not too early."


Fornell had to drag his gaze away from McGee's full lips. "Er, no. I was just . . ." He trailed off as McGee reached for the knot of his tie and straightened it and turned his collar down.


"That's better," he said, letting his fingers linger for a moment before taking his hands away. Fornell could have sworn that the minute touch on his chin was deliberate.


"I hope a suit's okay," he said. "I've never been to a book launch party before, so I wasn't sure what to wear." He finally noticed McGee was also dressed in a suit and silently sighed with relief. Again he found himself looking at McGee's lips and wondering what they'd feel like on his own.


McGee smiled again. "You'll find people dressed in anything from jeans to tuxes," he said. "You're fine like that; you look good," he added.


"Thanks," Fornell said and swallowed; suddenly McGee seemed to be a lot nearer to him.


"You also look less at ease than you normally do." McGee's voice was very low. "Maybe this will help."


Fornell no longer had to wonder what McGee's lips would feel like on his; he knew.



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