Ashleigh Anpilova


A sequel to All About Control.

Unbeknown to Fornell, Gibbs is aware of Fornell's feelings.

A pre-slash story.

Written: April 2009. Word count: 300.



"Let's take the stairs today, reckon I need the exercise."


"Sure." Gibbs sighed quietly as he turned and followed his friend.

Part of him wanted to say something, felt he should say something. But what?


He knew Fornell thought he was fooling him; thought that Gibbs didn't know how he felt about him.


But Gibbs did know. He'd always known.


Fornell was good, he'd give him that. Fornell was very good. He did hide his feelings well; just not quite well enough.


It wasn't that he couldn't find Fornell attractive; he could. He could quite easily. But it wasn't as simple as that.


It was that Gibbs already had someone. Someone he would never, could never, betray. Someone he would never, could never, cheat on.


And it was for that reason and that reason only that he'd never responded to Fornell's desires. Had never given his friend what he wanted. Had never taken him into his arms and kissed him. Had never touched him beyond the touch of a friend.


Maybe he should try to find a way to tell him. But that wasn't what he did; he didn't 'do' words. They weren't his thing.


Besides, he feared it might be crueler to tell Fornell 'Yeah, Tobias, I do like you. I could go to bed with you. But there's someone else. Someone I'll never give up.'


He doubted Fornell would forgive him if he let him know he knew how he felt about him. At least not if he wasn't going to do something about it.


No, it was far better to go on as they were. To go on letting Fornell think he'd fooled Gibbs. To go on letting Fornell think his true feelings where hidden.


And maybe one day, maybe one day, Fornell would stop wanting him.



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