Ashleigh Anpilova


A sequel to I Believe In You.

Jimmy is in his apartment.

A Jimmy-centric gen story.

Written: April 2009. Word count: 300.



Jimmy let himself into his apartment and automatically turned on his radio, flicking through the stations until he found a classical music one. Dr. Mallard had often told him that classic music calmed him, helped him to think. And Jimmy needed that right now.


Still acting on automatic-pilot, as he'd done since lunch time, Jimmy went into his bedroom and changed his clothes.


Then he returned to his living room and frowned at the radio. It was all very well Dr. Mallard saying classical music calmed him, but it didn't seem to be having that effect on Jimmy. Muttering a silent apology to the man who wasn't there, Jimmy changed stations to something he liked.


He then sank down onto the couch and began to think. Dr. Mallard had offered to pay his Medical School expenses. No, that wasn't right; Dr. Mallard hadn't offered; he'd told Jimmy that's what he was going to do.


Jimmy'd been stunned by the 'offer' and by the simple 'I believe in you'. He hadn't realized, he hadn't been sure, that Dr. Mallard thought that much of him. In fact at times he'd felt Dr. Mallard merely put up with him. After all he mostly called him 'Mr. Palmer' not 'Jimmy', and had never invited Jimmy to call him 'Ducky' like everyone else did.


But it seemed he'd been wrong. Dr. Mallard did value him - very much apparently. But could he accept? His mom had always brought him up to pay his own way. He wasn't sure she'd approve. But he knew if he didn't accept, he'd never go to Medical School. And he wanted to go; he really did.


He made a decision. Turning down the music, he grabbed the phone and pressed a number. "Mom," he said. "I've got something to tell you."



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