Ashleigh Anpilova


Tony wants Ducky to do him a big favor.

An established relationship story.

Written: January 2012. Word count: 500.




"Psst, Ducky."


Ducky flipped the lights on and stared across Autopsy to see Tony. "Anthony!" he exclaimed, ordering his pulse to slow down. "You made me jump. What on earth are you doing here in the dark?"


"Sorry, Ducky," Tony said; he really did sound apologetic. He hurried across to Ducky, "Here, let me help you."


Before Ducky could speak, he found himself manhandled out of his coat, his hat snatched from his head and his briefcase taken from his hand. "Well?" he demanded as Tony hung his hat and coat up and put his briefcase on his desk.


"Huh?" Tony glanced round.


Ducky sighed. Not for the first time he wondered quite how Jethro managed to work day in and day out with Tony without killing him. "I asked what you were doing here. Were you looking for Jethro? Because he -"


"No!" Tony said swiftly. "I am definitely not looking for Gibbs."


Ducky frowned and stared at Tony. "Are you feeling quite well, Anthony?"


Tony nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine, Ducky. It's just there's something I want to ask you and I - Is the Autopsy Grem- I mean Palmer due in?"


Ducky sighed, shook his head and headed towards the kettle. "Jimmy," he said pointedly, "is at Medical School today. Here," he held out the kettle towards Tony, "you may fill this for me. Then you can tell me what it is you wish to ask me."


"Right." Tony snatched the kettle and hurried out of Autopsy, returning a moment or two later. "Shall I plug it in?"


Ducky nodded. "Yes, thank you. And you may also switch it on." He smiled at Tony who, after a half-frown, smiled back before plugging the kettle in and turning it on. He then began to pace around Autopsy.


Ducky let him pace while he emptied his briefcase. Finally he turned around. "Well? Anthony, if you wish to ask me something, please ask me. I am quite busy today, especially with Jimmy not being here."


"IwantoaskZivatomarryme." Tony shot the words out as sweat appeared on his forehead.


"Then ask her," Ducky said placidly.


"I can't. I mean, I can. But it's Gibbs. I know he knows about us. At least I'm sure he does. He has to. He's Gibbs. He does know, doesn't he? Of course he does."


"Anthony, I still do not know quite what -"


"I want you to ask Gibbs if I can ask Ziva to marry me."


"Do you now?"


Tony nodded. "Yeah, please, Ducky. He won't shout at you or slap you or anything else. Please, Ducky."


Ducky stood in silence for a minute before sighing. "Oh, very well, Anthony," he said. "I will speak to Jethro. Although I do think -"


He was silenced as Tony grabbed him in a fierce hug, so fierce it almost pulled him off his feet. "Thanks, Ducky," he said, letting Ducky go. "You're my hero!"


"Oh, dear," Ducky said, as he watched Tony race out of Autopsy, "I really hope I am not."





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