Darby Brennan


Bodie had never believed in signs, until one day.

A pre-slash story.

Written: April 2009. Word count: 400.



Bodie had never believed in signs or omens or anything remotely paranormal.


At least he never used to.


But now, as he sat by Ray's hospital bedside, holding his hand and waiting for him to wake up, he reckoned he had to change his mind.


For eight days he, Cowley, Murph and the rest of CI5, had all but turned London and beyond upside down trying to find the missing Ray Doyle. To no avail.


But then that morning as he was on his way to work, preparing in his mind to argue with Cowley about spending another fruitless day searching, he hit a detour sign. Apparently the road was up or something.


It took him down a street he didn't even know existed. A street he reckoned wasn't even on any map. A street that wasn't, in truth, even a street. A street that led him to one lone half-derelict house.


Something made him get out of the car and gun in hand, watching where he put his feet, he forced his way into the house.


And there he saw it. The most wonderful sight ever.


His partner, Ray Doyle. Tied up, unconscious, a bloody great bruise on his cheek; pale, filthy, smelly, dried blood on his face and hands, clothes rumpled, hair straggly, mouth slightly open and still breathing. Never had Ray looked so beautiful to Bodie's eyes.


Knowing he'd never be able to direct an ambulance to where they were, and also concerned the house might give up its fight to stay even half-standing, taking as much care as he could, Bodie had got Ray to his car, called Cowley, then took Ray to hospital.

It had been a close call. Too close. And Bodie knew without doubt that had it not been for the diversion sign they never would have found Ray.


He knew something else too: it was time he stopped prating around. Time he gave in and admitted Ray Doyle was more than just a partner, more than just a friend, he was the bloke Bodie loved.


Just as soon as Ray woke up, and he would wake up, Bodie knew that, he'd tell him. And if Ray didn't believe him, because the daft sod could be perverse at times, Bodie would just have to show him, wouldn't he?


"That's it, sunshine," he said. "You get some rest, because you're going to need it."



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