Darby Brennan


Set during Discovered In A Graveyard.

When he finds Ray's body on the floor of his flat, various thoughts run through Bodie's mind.

A pre-slash story.

Written: March 2007. Word count: 200.





There's so much of it.


Too much.


Got to stop it.


Come on, Bodie; remember your training.


Pack the wound. Put pressure on it.


That's it.




Please stop.


God, you're so pale.


You look half dead.


You're in shock.


Who did this to you, Ray?




Tell me and I'll get the bastard.




Your life force.


You need it to stay alive.


Just like I need you to stay alive.


I do.


Never told you, did I?


Always planned to. Just didn't. Couldn't.


Didn't know how to, without sounding soppy.


Should have done though.


Might be too late now.


No. I won't think that.


Blood's still flowing. So that's good. It only stops when you're dead.


You're not going to die, sunshine.


You're not going to die and leave me.


Won't let you.


You can't die, not yet. Not 'til I've told you how I feel about you.


Not 'til I've told you I . . .


Not 'til I've told you I love you.


And I will tell you.


Tell you when you wake up. That's a promise, Ray.


And you will wake up.


You have to.




There's so much of it.


Too much.


Got to stop it.



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