Darby Brennan


Doyle talks about Bodie's quirky eyebrow. 

An established relationship story. 

Written: April 2006. Word count: 100.



I've always had a thing for eyebrows. It's the artist in me.


So when I first met tall, dark and too-bloody-beautiful-for-his-own-good Bodie, the first thing I noticed was his quirky eyebrow. Never seen anything like it. Couldn't keep me eyes off it.


It took a lot to keep my hands off it. I wanted to reach up and touch it, just to see if it was real. Of course I didn't, not then. But I wanted to.


Made up for it since though. Stroke it as often as I can.


Kinky, Bodie calls it.


I tell him it's just love.



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