Darby Brennan


A sequel to I Never Wanted.

Bodie and Doyle meet.

An established relationship story.

Written: January 2008. Word count: 100.



A lot of time has passed since they'd last met.


Maybe too much.


"Never thought I'd see you again."


"Me neither. Never wanted to."


Bodie nodded. "Deserved that. Didn't get it at the time, but I do now."


"Do you?"


"Yeah. Yeah, I do, Ray. Never thought I would. But I do."


"What do you want, Bodie?"


"You. I want you, Ray. I want you back."


Ray just looked at him.


"Can we go back, Ray? Back to how we were?"


Time seemed to stand still as he waited for Ray to answer.


"No. But maybe we can start again."



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