Darby Brennan


A sequel to Chained.

Set after an Alternative Reality Hunter Hunted.

Doyle gets Bodie back home and lets him know what he thought of his antics.

An established relationship story.

Written: July 2007. Word count: 500.



"What the fuck did you think you were doing?" Doyle snarled. He grabbed Bodie by this shirtfront, swung him around and pushed him up against the wall.


For a moment Bodie was too stunned to answer.


It wasn't Doyle's fury that made him speechless, but the fact that his partner, his lighter, shorter partner, had flung him against the wall so violently. Doyle was a damn good fighter, but not only was Bodie over a stone heavier than him, he'd been trained in ways that Doyle couldn't even, wouldn't even want to, conceive. No way should Doyle have lifted him off his feet in the way he'd done so.


He tried to placate Doyle. "Ray mate," he said, putting his hands up palms out.


"Don't 'Ray mate' me. Tell me what you were playing at." The green eyes were hard and unyielding as they glared at Bodie.


"Rescuing you, you daft sod. What did you think I was doing?"


"How about trying to get yourself killed."




"Bodie you came charging in there like a -" Doyle broke off, let go of Bodie and raked his hand through his curls. "You didn't think, Bodie. But then you never do, do you? Fools and angels, Bodie, sums you up."


"That's not fair."


"Isn't it? Sometimes wonder, Bodie. I really do."


"Why are you so angry, Ray?" Bodie asked softly. "You're alive. I'm alive. We're alive. And Preston's dead."


"I know that. But it could have been you." Doyle's voice became harsh, in the way it always did when he was trying not to cry. "Damn it, Bodie, we agreed. When we became lovers, we agreed that it wouldn't interfere with the job. We promised Cowley. Swore nothing would be different."


"And it isn't." Bodie kept his voice soft. He put his hands on Doyle's shoulders. "Nothing's changed, sunshine. Would have done what I did even if we hadn't been sleeping together. Come on, you know that. You're my partner."


Doyle stared at him, the green gaze becoming less frozen. "What am I going to do with you?" he asked, his voice finally quietening.


With a swift but gentle move, Bodie turned the tables on his lover, and in seconds had Doyle pressed against the wall as he plundered the mouth that opened for him.


"Could have lost you, Bodie," Doyle said, when they broke the kiss in order to breathe. "Could have lost you," he repeated. He wrapped his arms around Bodie and pulled him closer to him, pressing his body against him and moving, leaving Bodie in no doubt as to how aroused he was.


Bodie shook his head. "Nah. Never going to happen, Ray. You and me, we're forever. Eternal, if you like."


"You soppy fool." But the tone of Doyle's voice said so much more. It said what neither of them, at least not in the other's hearing, had said yet.


"But you love me anyway, don't you?" Bodie said teasingly.


Doyle's reply was to kiss him passionately again.



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