Ashleigh Anpilova


Napoleon and Illya don't talk about their relationship.

An established relationship story.

Written: September 2008. Word count: 200.



They don't talk about it.


They never have.


Not even in the beginning.


Not even the first time they came together.


They hold one another. They kiss. They make love.


But they don't talk about it.


They are involved. They are in a relationship. They love one another.


But they don't talk about.


It's not that they don't care; they do. They care so much more than they should.


It's not that it's not important to them; it is. It is more important to them than any other relationship.


It's because they care so much. It's because it is so important to them that they don't talk about it.


To do so would make it real. And for now they have enough reality in their day-to-day lives, in their jobs to save the world.


So they'll go on holding one another. They'll go on kissing. They'll go on making love.


They'll go on being involved. They'll go on being in a relationship. They'll go on loving one another.


But they won't talk about it.


Not yet. Not now.


The day will come when they will. They both know that.


But not yet.


They don't talk about it.


They never have.



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