Ashleigh Anpilova


A companion piece to Zero Hour.

Illya recalls his first meeting with Napoleon.

A pre-slash story.

Written: September 2008. Word count: 300.




Illya's first impression of his new partner was not a positive one.


His first thought was that anyone who clearly took so much time and effort over his dress and hair would not make a good spy. Nor a man with whom Illya wished to spend his working life. And yet clearly the man had something; he was after all Head of Section II, so maybe much of what he appeared to be was merely a fašade.


Illya also found himself instantly attracted to his new partner, which did not necessarily bode well. Not that he foresaw it as a problem, not really. He had, after all, been attracted to men before but had not acted on the attraction.


However, three days spent almost entirely in the company of Napoleon Solo changed Illya's first impression. What you saw was not what Napoleon was. And he was clearly not only a good spy, he was a very good spy. There were things Illya would be able to learn from him. And he was surprised to discover that he found he did wish to spend his working life with Napoleon. And more.


The attraction, still unacted on, had not gone away, indeed it had increased. And he found himself fairly certain that it was reciprocated. However, unless his partner made the first move, it would remain unacted on.


Today was the first day they would put their partnership to the test. Today was the day he would discover just how good Napoleon was.


As the moment for which they had been waiting arrived, Illya glanced at the man crouched next to him and in that instant he knew. He knew that if they both survived the day, Napoleon Solo would seduce him that night. But first they had to survive the day.



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