Ashleigh Anpilova


Silver extracts a confession from Steel.

An established relationship story.

Written: December 2007. Word count: 300.




Sometimes, just sometimes, Silver wonders why he loves Steel so much.


Sometimes, just sometimes, he wonders why they are together.


Sometimes, just sometimes, he wonders whether Steel actually is capable of feeling, of caring, of loving.


Take today for instance.


"Isn't it beautiful, Steel?" Silver stares up at the brilliant red, golden and orange sunset. He feels warm, he feels at peace. He has his lover to himself, away from 'Them', away from Sapphire, away from the demands of the job, away from Time itself.


Steel is standing next to him, still, silent, a grey, steely figure. He seems, as he so often does, distant, cold, aloof. He also seems unmoved by the way the sun is slipping slowly down behind the hills. The beauty appears not to touch him.


Silver sighs. "Doesn't anything touch you," he finds himself saying; his tone is harsh.


Steel turns to look at him. The steady, piercing, all too often cold grey gaze seems to cut through Silver. Steel stands, still in silence, his back turned away from the setting sun.


Silver finds himself holding his breath as the gaze seems to get greyer, colder, more steely.


Then it changes, just a fraction, a minuscule amount. No one but Silver would even notice the change.


"You do." Steel's voice is quiet, flat, emotionless, but that is Steel.


Slowly, a little stiffly, he puts out his hand and takes Silver's.


Together they watch the final moments of the sun settling down behind the hills.


Two words.


Two tiny words.


Five letters.


Two syllables.


But they say so much.


They say so very much.


They remind Silver exactly why he loves Steel so much.


They remind him of just why they are together.


They remind him that Steel is capable of feeling, of caring of loving.



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