Ashleigh Anpilova


Sapphire has something to tell Steel.

An established relationship story.

Written: September 2008. Word count: 300.


Author's Note: // either side of words indicate when the characters are talking to one another telepathically.






He turned to look at his partner. She seemed ill at ease and almost unwilling to approach him.


"Yes?" He knew the tone of his voice wasn't encouraging; it rarely was. But that was who he was and Sapphire knew that; they'd worked together long enough.


"There's something you should know."




//There have been rumours,// she switched to telepathy.




She nodded. //Yes. About you. About you and,// she paused and looked at him. He waited; keeping his body still and his look unwavering. //About you and Silver.//


//Really? And may I ask who has started them?// He didn't need to ask, but he did.


Now she coloured slightly and glanced away from him. "Jet," she answered.


He was correct. "I have no need to ask the context of them, do I? If Jet is involved they will be negative."


She nodded. "I am afraid they are. Steel -" She broke off and again looked away from him.


Lightly, without her being aware of it, he touched her mind. //Ask me.//


Now she smiled at him. "Do I need to?" Her voice was gentle, her gaze calm and steady.


He looked at her; this time he avoided touching her mind. She wouldn't feel it, but it wasn't something he liked to do to her too often.


"You could ask me," she said, her voice still low.


He stared at her. She couldn't know what he was thinking; she had nowhere near the powers he had. Nonetheless, she seemed to know. He couldn't ask; besides, as he looked at her, he knew the answer. //Do I need to?//


The smile lit up her entire face as she moved nearer and put her hand on his shoulder. "No," she said, bending her head slightly and lightly kissed his cheek. "We're partners."



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