Ashleigh Anpilova


Silver learns quite what it's like to have Steel as a lover.

An established relationship story.

Written: October 2009. Word count: 300.




The golden rays of the setting sun streamed in through the window, falling on the two men who lay without any coverings, despite the relative coolness of the autumn evening.


But Silver didn't, couldn't, feel the cool air, nor did he see the golden fingers of the sun, as he was too wrapped up in the man who was making love to him. The man whom he'd, three weeks earlier, finally persuaded into his bed.


He hadn't quite known what to expect from Steel when they'd became lovers, but whatever had flashed though his mind, whatever he'd considered, hadn't even come close to reality.


Steel wasn't exactly a skilled lover, but what he lacked in knowledge, in experience, he made up for by the unique way he touched Silver. It had taken Silver a little while to become used to being touched by, being held by, someone whose body temperature was so low. At first he'd shivered, even backed away from the almost icy touch. But it soon began to arouse him, to excite him, to move him beyond anything he'd hitherto experienced.


Cold fingers and hands caressed and stroked Silver's body, touching him in ways he hadn't before been touched. Steel's mouth, cold, yet enticing, was on his own, giving and taking in equal measures. But more than that, Steel's mind was linked with Silver's; pouring through the link Steel had established when they'd joined, the feelings Steel couldn’t express, mentally making love to Silver, as his body physically stimulated Silver.


Silver tried to reach for Steel, to touch his lover in return. But his hands were caught and held by hands that could knot a lift cable. Silver got the message and with a smile, gave in; gave himself up to the loving Steel was bestowing on him. 



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