Ashleigh Anpilova


It's a week or so before Valentine's Day and Silver is on earth.

A pre-slash story.

Written: February 2008. Word count: 400.




Silver was on earth.


His part of assignment was over; he should already have returned home.


Instead he was standing in a card shop idly looking through the array of Valentine's Day cards, wishing.


Wishing he dare buy one.


Wishing he dare buy one for Steel.


But there was no point.


Steel would have no idea what it was. 'Love', 'emotion', 'Valentine's Day', 'cards', 'giving' and all the other things that humans did naturally were alien to the steely element. As he spent so much of this time on earth amongst humans, he knew they existed. However, he neither understood them, nor had any time for them.


Steel would have no interest in the identity of his 'secret admirer'. That kind of curiosity was like other emotions: of no importance. If he showed any hint of emotion, it would be mild annoyance that the person hadn't signed the card. The whole point of it would be lost.


And Silver couldn't sign it.


He couldn't let Steel know how he felt.


He couldn't.


Because Steel wouldn't understand that either. He'd dismiss it. He wouldn't have time for it. It wouldn't be because Silver was male, as was Steel himself. That kind of illogical foolishness didn't apply to their kind; gender to them was of no importance.


It was simply that 'love' didn't appear in Steel's vocabulary. He was capable of affection, Silver knew that; he'd seen Steel display it for Sapphire. But that wasn't the kind of affection Silver had in mind.


The fact Steel appeared no longer to find him quite the irritating, scatterbrain who existed solely to do Steel's bidding within their assignments, perhaps should be enough for Silver.


But it wasn't.


For a while it had been.


But not any longer.


Now he wanted more.


He wanted a lot more.


He wanted love.


He wanted affection.


He wanted emotion.


He wanted to give.


He wanted Steel.


Was that too much to ask for?


Perhaps one day it might not be.


Perhaps one day Silver might find the way to say something to the man of steel.


Perhaps one day Steel might realise for himself.


Perhaps one day


Perhaps one day Silver would stop trying to fool himself.


With a sigh he put down the simple card, which in many ways was perfect for Steel, being sleek, clean, precise, formal, and left the shop.


There was always next year.



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