Ashleigh Anpilova


Silver used to be in awe of Steel. Then he fell in love with him.

An established relationship story.

Written: September 2007. Word count: 420.



At first I didn't like him.


Oh, I respected him. We all did. It was impossible not to.


It is even fair to say I was in awe of him. And if I'm honest I was also a little afraid of him.


But I didn't like him.


He was too cold. Too distant. Too detached. Too uncaring. Too steely.


I took great pleasure in trying to irritate him. In trying to break through his barriers.


I never thought I'd succeed. Not really. After all, why I should manage to touch the man inside the steely covering when his partner, Sapphire, had failed to do so?


And then one day, something changed.


I realised I was no longer in awe of him; I was in love with him.


I don't know how it happened or when it happened.


I don't know when my fear of him vanished and I stopped looking at him merely as someone to irritate, but rather as someone to try to seduce.


I never expected him to love me, not really. Not at all. To be perfectly honest I wasn't certain he was capable of such an emotion; it seemed beyond what he was.


Nonetheless that belief didn't stop me from trying; well I wouldn't be me if it had.


I found myself trying to get him to notice me more and more. And I succeeded. Albeit at first he would just be exasperated with me. And then I noticed that his reactions were changing, he seemed to be more mellow, not that mellow is a word I'd really use to describe Steel.


So I took a chance one day.


I didn't say anything; I didn't want to give him the chance to dismiss it. Instead, I just took him into my arms and kissed him. I knew I was risking a lot and not just because of his great strength. But I decided it was worth it.


And it was.


Because after a second or two or three of what was clear shock and confusion, he kissed me back. Hesitantly, tentatively, as though it was something rare for him, but kiss me he did.


That was more than five earth years ago, and since then I have learnt so much more about the man I share my life with. Things that no one other than he and ‘They' know.


And knowing what I do, knowing what he is, knowing what he is capable of, knowing him, makes me respect him and love him all the more.



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