Ashleigh Anpilova


There are things Steel has to keep hidden.

An established relationship story.

Written: March 2009. Word count: 300.




There were many things Steel kept hidden:


The full extent of his powers from his working partner, his lover and the other elements.


His true relationship with Silver from Sapphire, 'Them', and the other elements.


The depth of his feelings for Silver from Silver.


'They' had insisted no one else know how powerful Steel was. And 'They' had to be listened to.


At first it'd been easy to keep the truth hidden. No one questioned his aloofness. He was Steel. Steel by name; steel by nature.


But over time it'd become more difficult to lie to Sapphire; to make her do things that sometimes cost her greatly. Things he could do as easily as clicking his fingers.


However, it was hardest of all to lie to Silver, who had broken through all of Steel's barriers. The more time he spent with Silver, the more he found himself wanting to tell his lover the truth.


But he could not. 'They' would not approve. Nor would 'They' approve of Silver and him. Thus he'd ordered Silver to say nothing; had threatened that if Silver told anyone, there would be no relationship.


And he kept the true depth of his feelings hidden from Silver, which meant he could also keep them hidden from himself. Which in theory made it easier not to tell Silver the truth.


But even for an element with the powers he had, Steel found it harder and harder to keep things hidden. He wanted those around him to know the truth about Silver and himself. He wanted Silver to know the truth about him.


But he wasn't free to do so. As he lay in Silver's bed he wondered if the day would ever come when he would be free. Free from having to keep so many things hidden.



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