Ashleigh Anpilova


Silver wants to go outside into the snow.

An established relationship story.

Written: May 2008. Word count: 300.


Author's Note: // either side of words indicate when the characters are talking to one another telepathically.




Steel stared out of the window at the deep snow covering the ground. It was pristine, clean, cold, simple; he rather liked it.


He sensed the presence of his lover before Silver reached his side. Silver was wearing his heavy overcoat; around his neck was a bright red scarf, which matched the hat and gloves he also wore. He carried Steel's own overcoat and had a second scarf draped over his arm.


Steel sent the question into Silver's mind.


"I thought we could go outside." Silver smiled and held out Steel's coat.




Silver shifted his feet slightly and mumbled something Steel didn't quite catch.




//I said it's deep enough for a snowball fight.//


Steel widened his eyes and just stared at his lover.


"Come on, Steel, I bet you've never enjoyed the snow before, have you? What with your 'impeccable origins', it probably wasn't considered seemly. But it'll be fun."




Now Silver frowned. "What is it with you, Steel? Why can't you ever do something impetuous? Something that I want to do. Just for once I'd like to do something without having a three-hour debate about it. Oh, forget it." He turned away, dropped Steel's coat on a chair and began to walk from the room.


Steel stared after him. He didn't really understand all the subtle nuances of relationships, but he knew enough to know he'd somehow hurt his lover. "Silver." He spoke the word quietly.


Silver stopped. His back was stiff as he waited.


Steel picked up his coat and put it on. After frowning at the bright yellow scarf Silver had also abandoned, he put it around his neck.


Then, before he could change his mind, he strode across the room and caught Silver's hand. "I believe you mentioned a snowball fight," he said.



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