Ashleigh Anpilova


Silver wants to celebrate Christmas.

An established relationship story.

Written: October 2009. Word count: 300.



"But why?" Steel demanded.

"It's traditional."


"For whom?"




"We're not human."


Silver rolled his eyes. "I know that, Steel. But humans have some good traditions and this is a really good one."


"What's the point?"


"To enjoy yourself. To be happy. To have fun. To - Oh, I don't know, Steel. Does everything have to have a point?" Silver's voice contained little of its usual exuberance.


Steel stared at him. Yes, to him everything did have to have a point. But ten months of being Silver's lover, or learning to give and take, to share himself with someone else, to trust someone beyond a working relationship, to feel, to care, had taught him there were times he should think before answering.


So instead of answering directly, he asked, "What exactly do you wish to do?" He saw Silver's eyes regain their brightness and saw hope flash across his lover's face. A little clumsily, he still found making gestures of affection outside their bed difficult, he took Silver's hand.


"I thought a tree, just a small one. I'll decorate it. And some greenery; holly, mistletoe." Silver smiled expectantly at Steel, who stared back. "I'll explain later. Just some things, Steel, to enter into the spirit."

"But it's -" Steel stopped abruptly. Then nodded. "Very well." The next second Silver had pulled him into his arms and was kissing him.




Still not altogether certain why he was doing it, Steel slipped back into their bedroom. In his hand he held a small, brightly wrapped parcel. Its contents were bright, shiny, totally useless - Silver would love it. It was not, however, old!


He sat down on the bed and put his hand on Silver's shoulder. Seconds later Silver opened his eyes and looked at him. Holding out the parcel Steel said stiffly, "Happy Christmas, Silver."



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