Ashleigh Anpilova


Silver wants to take his lover for a walk.

An established relationship story.

Written: October 2009. Word count: 300.



Silver woke up shivering. He was used to waking up cold, as when Steel slept the control he habitually kept over his body temperature vanished, and his normal temperature reasserted itself.


However, it wasn't just Steel who was making Silver feel cold; it was the weather. Autumn had arrived with a vengeance. Not that it worried Silver, he loved autumn; it was his favourite season. And this year he had someone with whom he could share it.


He leant over the chilled, still sleeping Steel and kissed his cheek. "Wake up, Steel," he said, putting his hand on Steel's shoulder and shaking it.


The next second he gasped, as Steel's steel-like grip closed around his hand and steel-grey eyes stared at him. The grip was painful, the look threatening, but both fled in seconds and Steel smiled, as much as he ever smiled.


But the smile quickly fled and instead he frowned. "You should take more care, Silver. I warned you. I do not wish to hurt you."


Silver shook his head, pushed aside the fact his fingers throbbed and said, "You couldn't."


Steel's frown deepened. "I could. Very easily," he said. "You know that."


Silver did. And it wasn't just physically that Steel could hurt him. But it was too lovely a day to think of that. "Come on," he said, throwing back the bed clothes and getting out. "We're going out."


Steel stared up at him. "Where?"


"To the woods."




"Because it's autumn, the leaves are falling and we're going to walk through them and enjoy their beauty." And then when Steel didn't move, Silver said quietly, "Please, Steel. For me. Do it for me." For a moment he feared Steel would refuse.


Then another smile lit up Steel's face and he nodded. "Very well. For you."



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