Ashleigh Anpilova


Silver has tried everything to get Steel's attention.

A pre-slash story.

Written: March 2009. Word count: 300.



What do you do when someone fails to notice you've made a pass at them?


I mean, seriously, what do you do?


And it wasn't a covert pass either, it was blatant. And 'blatant' is not my style. I prefer the hint, the subtle pass, the gentle approach, the light flirting, the shared looks. But I already knew that wouldn't work with him.


Steel doesn't do subtle. Steel isn't subtle. Steel doesn't pick up hints. I've worked with him for enough years to know that.


So I made my plans, I knew what I'd do; I knew exactly how I'd approach it. How I'd make it so clear I was making a pass that even Steel couldn't mistake it.


Except he did.


I made my best approach, I planned everything down to the last detail, nothing could go wrong; I was sure of it. He was going to be mine; that or I was going to regret it deeply and painfully. Don't forget, Steel can tie lift cables with his bare hands.


Sapphire's amused 'I told you so', sent telepathically, did not help me at all. Nor did Steel's obliviousness help my sense of worth. For a moment as he ignored my pass, I almost wished he'd hit me. At least I'd have known he'd recognised it.


Some people would tell me to forget it. To forget Steel. To put aside my desire for him. To move on, find someone else.


But I can't. I'm in too deep. Because it's not just about getting Steel now, it's not just about conquering the man of steel. It's about love. Somewhere down the line I fell so deeply in love with him, I can't walk away.


There's only one thing left to do: actually kiss him. Even Steel couldn't ignore that. Could he?



Vision Of The Future is the sequel to this story


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