Nikki Harrington


Bunny wakes up and discovers he is not in his own bed - nor is he alone. As the last remnants of sleep leave him, he remembers the night before.

A first time story.

Written: March 2013. Word count: 3,335.



I awoke and blinked as more sunlight than was usual hit my eyes. I felt incredibly well rested and perfectly content, although it had to be said I ached somewhat and one part of my body felt more than a little sore - but they were minor concerns.


I was about to stretch and get out of bed when I realised that I was not in my own bed nor was I in my own bedroom. I froze not even turning my head on the pillow and tried not to breathe too deeply as I realised from the feel of the sheets that I was naked. Moving slowly and carefully I dared to lift the covers and glance beneath them; I was indeed naked and not only that there was a naked body next to me. And not just any naked body; it was Raffles's naked body; I was in his bed in his bedroom; I was in his bed in his bedroom and he was in bed next to me.


I swallowed hard and slowly and carefully turned my head on the pillow and stared at the peaceful, sleeping face of Raffles. As I lay gazing at him I truly believed I had never seen him look quite so peaceful - not that I had ever woken up beside him before, because I hadn't. And as I lay gazing at him I remembered what had happened the night before.


I remembered how we had dined out at the club where we had enjoyed a good meal accompanied a bottle and half of wine and followed by brandy and cigars before we had ventured out onto the streets where Raffles had taken my arm and led me in quite the opposite direction to that I had expected him to take. I had made no objection, why would I object to spending time with Raffles? Instead I had simply enjoyed the way he had held my arm, the way he from time to time brushed against me and of course his company. I had become a little less happy when he led me into a quiet, residential street and stopped in front of a house as I realised quite what we were doing there.


I remembered him breaking into the house; I remembered accompanying him through the dark rooms and I remembered it was I, rather than he, for once who was the one to find where the jewels he had intended to steal had been hidden.


I remembered how happy I had been (as well as a little surprised) and I remembered the look on Raffles's face; he was quite, quite proud of me and I took great pleasure in the way he looked at me, the way he smiled at me and the way he clapped me on the back. "That's my boy," he had said softly, putting his lips to my ear. "You see, Bunny, you do do far more than merely hold my tools or my hat."


I remembered feeling happier than I believed I had ever felt - a happiness that for once assuaged the guilt I always felt when we took things we had no right to take - as we made out way, Raffles's arm once more through my, back to the Albany. Once we reached his rooms he poured whisky and soda into two glasses, lit two Sullivans and held his glass up to me. "To my very own rabbit," he said and smiled.


I remembered smiling back at him, watching how the light from the gas lamps and the fire made his hair and eyes shine and I remembered - I remembered taking the glass and Sullivan from his hands, seeing his eyes widen in surprise, before I put my arms around him and kissed him. I remembered a moment when he seemed surprised, before he began to kiss me back as I pressed my body against his, trying to get as close as I possibly could, knowing I could never get close enough.


I remembered the flash of embarrassment that raced through me as against my will or desire my body released, soaking my drawers, simply from the pressure of his hardening body rubbing against mine and from the passion in his kiss.


I remembered gasping his name into his mouth as I staggered slightly and leant more heavily against him. I remembered him holding me tightly, possessively, protectively as he took his mouth from mine and let me breathe with my head resting on his shoulder.


I remembered his voice as he said softly, "Well, now, Bunny," before I lifted my head and kissed him again, uncaring of how uncomfortable my drawers were, now feeling not even the slightest hint of embarrassment as I once more felt myself begin to harden.


I remembered being the one to break the kiss as I was now desperate to touch him, to give him pleasure, to make him happy. I remembered brushing my hand over his hardness as he gasped softly and pushed himself further into my hand. I remembered unbuttoning his trousers with a dexterity I didn't know I possessed (given I had never unbuttoned another man's trousers before) slipping my hand inside his trousers and drawers and feeling how hard and how hot he was. I remembered carefully pulling his swollen flesh out and for a moment just holding it before I moved back just a little and let my gaze flicker downwards and come to rest on him - something else I had never deliberately done.


I remembered staring at him, unconsciously comparing our bodies, as my mouth became a little dry and my own body hardened even more. I remembered moving my hand a time or two as he moaned my name and I remembered knowing that would not be enough. I remembered dropping to my knees in front of him and ignoring the order he gave me to stand back up. I remembered finding from somewhere (where I do not know) the strength to ignore the way he tried to pull me to my feet and instead I moved just a little nearer to him and took him into my mouth.


I remembered him stilling both his body and his hands as I closed my mouth around him. I remembered him standing quite, quite still as for a moment I did nothing other than kneel there with him in my mouth, feeling and tasting him. I remembered wondering why it didn't seem strange and why I wasn't repulsed as I had always been at school when I had heard whispers about boys doing this to one another.


I remembered beginning to move my mouth, quite certain I was doing it wrong, that I was making a fool of myself, that I was proving to him that which I was sure he already knew: I was a complete innocent when it came to any form of physical love. I remembered the taste getting more obvious, not unpleasant not at all, as he hardened just a little more. I remembered him remaining quite, quite still - so still there was one point when I wasn't certain he was even breathing - as he stood one hand on my shoulders, the other tangled in my hair as I continued to do what I was doing.


I remembered hearing him make soft noises, noises that told me maybe I wasn't quite as inept, quite as awful as I believed myself to be. I remembered him suddenly saying my name and ordering me to stop; I remembered his fingers tangling in my hair more tightly as he gently tried to pull me away.


I remembered doing something else I had never done in my life: disobeying him. I remembered hearing him all but beg me to stop, to stand up, to replace my mouth with my hand because even he could not hold back for much longer what was inevitably going to happen. I remembered continuing to be determined not to move, but that I would go on until -


I remembered him crying my name and offering me an apology as his release filled my mouth. I remembered hesitating for no more than a second before I swallowed and this time I heard him whisper my name.


I remembered him bending down and pulling me to my feet; I remembered him gathering me into his arms, pulling me as close to him as he could get me as he kissed my cheeks, my lips, my head and told me what a brave, what a wonderful rabbit I was. I remembered being quite, quite, quite certain I could not do what I had just done to any person other than Raffles - but then I had never wished to do anything with anyone other than Raffles.


I remembered him pushing me away from him again just far enough to cover my mouth with his and kiss me even more passionately than he had hitherto kissed me. I remembered pressing my extreme hardness against him as I made a noise in my throat; I really didn't want to release into my drawers for a second time but I knew I couldn't tell him, couldn't ask him to -


I remembered him manoeuvring me so that he could slide his hand down my body and brush it over my hardness, before confidently, competently, gently unbuttoning my trousers, slipping his wonderfully cool hand inside and wrapping it around my by now painfully hard, burning hardness before he carefully pulled it out and began to move his hand with obvious expertise and knowledge over me. I remembered it was mere seconds later that I cried his name and clung to him as my body released into his hand.


I remembered him soothing me as I sobbed with pleasure, I remembered him pulling me back into a loving, affectionate embrace and holding me. I remembered some moments later it was I who pulled back just far enough so that I could once more kiss him.


I remembered us kissing for quite some time before he took my hand and led me though his rooms into his bedroom. I remember he paused for long enough to turn the gas up before he tugged me towards his bed and kissed me deeply again, before beginning to strip me at a speed that surprised me. I remembered hearing the sound of cloth ripping; I remembered hearing the faint sound of shirt studs and cuff links falling to the ground, I remembered clothing falling to the floor around us as once he had me naked he turned his attention to striping himself at the same pace as he'd stripped me.


I remembered he guided me down to his bed before he joined me and pulled me into his arms and once more we were kissing. I remembered the wonderful feeling of my naked body meeting his naked body. I remembered hitherto unknown sensations race through my body; I remembered both he and I hardening again. I remembered putting my hand around him and stroking him until he once more cried my name and my hand was wet and sticky.


I remembered after he'd kissed me soundly for quite some time he moved down the bed and took me into his mouth. I remembered not being certain I could bear the sensations, cope with the depth of pleasure he was giving me. I remembered my hand fumbling over the bed until I found his, and I remembered clinging to his hand as his mouth did wonderful things to my body (it wasn't his first time, but then I'd never for a moment thought it would be). I remembered crying his name as my release filled his mouth and I remembered the sensation as he swallowed around me.


I remembered him moving back up the bed to once more gather me into his arms, sooth me, caress me, hold me and show me how much he cared. I remembered closing my eyes for a moment or two and waiting for my heart rate to slow down.


I remembered, some time later, begging him, pleading with him to do it to me. I remembered him telling me how much it would hurt and how he didn't want to hurt me and promising me he'd do it another time. I remembered refusing to listen to him; I remembered arguing with for quite some time; I remembered being more forceful than I had ever been, had ever thought to be and all but demanding he do it to me.


I remembered he became still and quiet for a moment before sighing and agreeing. I remembered just what he did to me; I remembered the way his fingers touched me, slipped inside me; I remember the oil he used; I remembered how long he took before he -


I remembered just how much it did hurt, even more than I thought it would. I remembered the tears slipping from my eyes despite my attempts to stop them. I remembered being certain I'd have to tell him to remove himself from my body because I could not bear it.


I remembered him whispering things to me, telling me how much he loved me, how much he wanted me, how much he needed me even in his life and by his side. I remembered him telling me how he had always loved and wanted me, right from when we had been at school together; I remembered him promising me I was his and that he did not share. I remembered him pledging his fidelity to me, vowing he would be mine and only mine for as long as I wanted him to be.


I remembered him again telling me how brave I was, how much he loved me, how much he adored me, how vital I was to him. I remembered the pain finally beginning to decrease just a little; I remembered feeling him slip further inside me and I remembered how good, despite the pain, it suddenly felt. I remembered believing I truly was his; that I was joined with him, to him, in a way that could not be broken.


I remembered feeling his release inside me as he cried my name and again told me I was his beloved, brave rabbit and that he adored me. I remembered him finally slipping carefully from me and I remembered the now burning pain. I remembered him kissing my back and stroking my neck before he left me for a moment or two only to return with a warm, soft flannel which he used to clean and cleanse me before he turned me over and once more pulled me into his arms and kissed me.


I remembered quite how gentle, how loving, how beautiful, how tender, how perfect the kiss had been as he held me and stroked my back and slipped one hand into my hair. I remembered the odd tear still slipped from my eyes and I remembered feeling whole and loved and possessed and protected.


I remembered him gently urging me to close my eyes and go to sleep; I remembered him promising me he would be by my side when I awoke; that he would always be by my side. I remembered telling him how much I loved him and I remembered -


"Hello, Bunny," he said his voice low, soft and full of affection as he put his hand on my cheek. "I trust my rabbit slept well?"


I swallowed as I gazed at him and saw the way he was looking back at me; I had never even dared to dream he would look at me in the way he was now looking at me. I swallowed again and said my voice a little hoarse, "I did, Raffles, I do not believe I have ever slept as well. I hope you also slept well."


He slid one finger down and began to trace it around my lips. "Oh, yes, my own Bunny, I too slept extremely well." His finger moved onto my lips and I automatically parted them and licked his finger. He gave a soft gasp and for a second what I knew to be clear desire raced through his gaze. Then he took his finger from my lips, put his mouth on mine and gave me a fleeting, chaste kiss before moving back a little and saying, "Later, my rabbit, I do believe we should bathe first."


I gazed up at him; a bath sounded like an excellent idea. It was he who pushed the covers back and he whose eyes widened as he stared down at my lower body which was showing the results of what I had remembered. He smiled, moistened his lips and put his hand around me, "I do believe the bath can wait for a few minutes, do you not?"


"Yes, please," I cried and I felt my cheeks flush just a little as he laughed softly. He put his lips back on mine for a moment or two, keeping them firmly closed, before he lowered his head a little and began to kiss, lick and even gently run his teeth over my exposed neck. I was glad he'd taken his mouth from mine as I had not had the chance to brush my teeth yet and whilst he was in the same state as I was, I knew I'd feel happier kissing him once I had done that thing.


The combination of his lips, tongue and teeth on my exposed (I had put my head back on the pillow thus giving him clearer and more easy access) neck and the way he was moving his hand over my hardness took me to the edge of my release in mere seconds. He showed quite how experienced he was, quite how well he knew the body of a man, as he prevented my release for several minutes before he gently but quite deliberately bit down on my neck and stroked me more firmly for a second or two and finally allowed me to make his hand wet and sticky.


"And now," he said once I had begun to breath more normally and could see clearly and my heart wasn't threatening to burst from my breast, "I really do recommend a bath." He got out of bed and offered me his hand and I quite happily let him help me out of bed.


With my hand still in his he led me into the bathroom and moved to begin to fill the bath as I took advantage of the other facilities which his bathroom offered, not at all troubled (for the first time in my life) by the fact I was not alone. He left the bath filling and opened a cupboard where he pulled out towels, flannels and a toothbrush which he handed to me before he availed himself of the facilities I had used moments before.


We shared the bath and once more hands and mouths connected and a fair amount of water ended up on the floor before he laughed and suggested we returned to his bed. Once we were back in his bedroom it was he who with an efficiency that didn't surprise me, stripped and remade the bed. I forewent telling him that it seemed somewhat a waste of time and linen for him to do so as I rather liked the idea of clean sheets again.


Once he'd smoothed the sheet down, he turned to me, took my hand, gathered me into his arms and pulled my naked body against his as his mouth met mine. We kissed, wrapped in one another's embrace for quite some time until he guided me down onto the fresh linen, joined m e and took me back into a one armed embrace as his other moved down my body. His lips found mine as his hand enclosed me in a firm grip.



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