Nikki Harrington


Hutch is being sent undercover without Starsky in an attempt to catch a group of men who are preying on under aged girls.

An established relationship story.

Written: February 2013. Word count: 2,410



The door to Captain Dobey's office opened and a girl (woman, Starsky reminded himself) slipped inside. "I'm sorry to have kept you waiting, Captain Dobey," she said and smiled.


Dobey nodded. "That's all right, Officer Timpson." He pulled a file out from beneath the others. "Well, let's get the formalities out of the way. Molly meet David Starsky and Kenneth Hutchinson; Starsky, Hutch, Molly Timpson."


She turned to where Starsky and Hutch stood next to one another, arms touching as they always did, leaning against the wall. She smiled; it made her look even younger - which Starsky knew was the point, but she really was jailbait. She smiled and raised an eyebrow, which made her go up in Starsky's estimation.


"Dave," he said, pointing to himself. "Hutch," he nodded to Hutch.


"I'm pleased to meet you, Dave, Hutch," Molly said, smiling at both of them.


"Well, sit down, all of you, we haven't got all day," Dobey said.


In two strides Hutch had moved from leaning against the wall to holding the chair Molly sat down on before sitting down next to her. Starsky grabbed a chair from against the wall, pulled it next to Hutch's chair, turned it around and straddled it.


"Right," Dobey said opening the file and looking at each of them in turn. "This is what the plan is."




Hutch opened the door for Molly and smiled at her as she left the office, she smiled back, looking at all three men, but Starsky noticed her gaze lingered just a little longer on Hutch than on him or Dobey.


When she'd gone out into the squad room, Hutch closed the door and leaned on it, staring directly at Dobey for a moment or two, before pushing himself upright and sitting back down next to Starsky. As he sat down, he moved his chair just a little so his arm brushed against Starsky's.


"I don't like it," Starsky said. Dobey looked at him. "You're sending Hutch undercover - without me - with that kid as a partner?"


"Officer Timpson is a well trained officer, Starsky."


"But, Cap., she looks about fifteen."


"That's the whole point, Starsk," Hutch said softly.


Starsky turned to look at him. "I know that, but . . ." He fell silent for a moment before looking at Dobey. "How old is she really?"


Dobey opened another file and glanced at it. "Twenty-four. She's been a police officer since she graduated from High School and has two commendations for bravery. She's outshot not only her peers, but seasoned officers on three occasions. And has a black belt in judo. She's a well trained officer, Starsky."


"I still don't see why I can't go with them as well."


"Starsk," Hutch put his hand on Starsky's thigh.


Starsky turned to look at him. "Yeah, blondie?"


"It's risky enough one of us going in with Molly, but both of us - They'd figure something was wrong straight away. And Molly's in more danger than I am."


Starsky stared at his partner; he knew he was right, but he still didn't like it. But like it or not, that's how it was going down. Okay, so he'd get to do his bit and it wasn't as if he'd be stuck at the precinct and not involved at all, but even so . . . He did not like it!


They had to stop the gang of men who were deliberately and callously preying on under age girls; girls who were being raped, tortured and finally murdered in ways that made even the most seasoned cops come close to losing their lunches.


And it didn't matter if the girl was a street-girl of a society girl; all that mattered was that she was under age; the thrill seemed to be that she was jailbait.


They had a lead, a tenuous one, but at least it was a lead. Two weeks earlier two sisters were walking home, one was a nineteen year old secretary, the other her sixteen year old sister. Both had been grabbed but the older one had been found some hours later, tied up, dumped in an alleyway, bruised, her clothing torn and dirty, scared as hell, sickened by what she'd seen, but alive and apart from a few bruises completely unharmed and untouched.


She'd managed to tell the young police officer who had found her and who had stayed with her four things: a red van; a single storey building; the name 'Mason'; and the sound of the ocean. And that's all she'd managed to say before she'd begun to scream; she was now sedated and in hospital along with her mother while her father was under police guard to prevent him from trying to carry out the threats he'd made.


So, yeah, they had to find the bastards; find them, bring them down and let justice take its course and if somewhere along the line one or more of the men tripped over, Starsky was quite sure not a single cop would lose a second of sleep. But despite knowing they had to find them, Starsky still didn't like the idea of Hutch going in without him to watch his back.


After extensive and laborious work when detectives and uniformed cops worked around the clock, not even bothering to file for overtime, they had managed to track down a red van parked outside a single storey building that was right by the ocean. And thanks to Huggy and his contacts they knew the name of the guy who had leased the building: George Manson. Okay, it was slightly different from the name the surviving sister had given them, but under the circumstances they thought she could easily have misheard.


As such they were reasonably confident that they had the right place - but they wanted to catch the guys red-handed and that meant the undercover operation Hutch and Molly were about to undertake.




"Come on, babe," Hutch said, putting his arms around Starsky and pulling him close to him. "I'll be all right."


Starsky sighed and put his arms around Hutch and pressed against him. "I just don't like you undercover without me."


"It's not exactly without you, Starsk. You'll be there."


"Yeah, outside in a car whereas you'll be inside with those men. I don't like it, Hutch."


"I don't like it either, Starsk, but -" Then Hutch silenced himself as he bent his head and kissed Starsky and went on kissing him until all thoughts other than how quickly they could get undressed and into Hutch's bed fled from Starsky's mind.




"You take care of yourself, blondie," Starsky said, as he put his holster on and watched Hutch shrug into his jacket.


"Always do, Starsk," Hutch said, closing the gap between him and Starsky and kissing Starsky until they both had to break apart in order to breathe. "And donít give Dobey too hard a time, or he will make you stay behind."


"Would I?" Starsky asked touching his still tingling lips and then grabbing his own jacket. He was heading to the precinct first to get his final orders from Dobey before he set out to 'tail' Hutch.


Hutch just laughed as he raised his hand and went out of their apartment to go and pick Molly up.



Hutch rang Molly's doorbell and waited for her to open the door. When she did he took a step backwards as he stared down at what really did look like a fifteen year old girl. He swallowed hard as he looked her up and down; this was going to be even harder for him than he'd thought. "Hey, Ken, sorry, Hutch," she said flushing and twisting her hands together.


"Ken's fine, Molly," he said smiling at her.


She let out a whoosh of air. "Really?" he nodded. "Oh, good, because Hutch just didn't feel right." Again she twisted her hands together and then she began to tug her extremely short skirt down a little. She looked terribly uneasy, not at all like the confident looking officer he'd met the day before.


He touched her hair for a moment and then took her hand. "It's okay to be nervous, Molly," he said softly.


She stared up at him, her eyes wide. "Is it?"


He smiled. "Yeah, it is. I'd be surprised if you weren't."


"Do you ever get nervous?"


He nodded. "All the time, Molly, all the time. Now are you ready?"


She smiled a little. "Guess so."


"Come on then. The sooner we get started, the sooner we can hopefully get this over and done with and get those guys behind bars where they should be."


"I'll just get my purse." He waited as she hurried back inside her apartment and reappeared a few seconds later. "Okay," she said, turning to lock the door.


He took her hand again, it felt so very small inside his, and led her down to his car.


The plan was really very simple: he and Molly drove to the area they were sure the men were in and put on a show in the belief (hope) they would be seen and approached and even invited to join the men inside where Hutch would offer to share Molly and -


It was the 'and' that was the more difficult bit as somehow Hutch would have to manage to get a signal to the detectives who would be outside, but not close enough to be seen or to make the men they wanted to trap suspicious.


Despite Starsky's concerns, Hutch really wasn't that worried for himself - but Molly was going to be in danger from the moment they went into the house, always assuming their plan worked. Yes, she was a trained police officer who seemed capable of taking care of herself, but for that day at least she was his partner and Hutch took his responsibilities of being a partner very seriously.


"Ready?" he asked her again as he put his hand on the ignition key. She looked at him, smiled and nodded. "Okay, then. Here we go."


They drove towards the ocean and Hutch parked his car, got out, went around to Molly's side and opened the door for her and helped her out. Then with his small hand in his, they began to walk towards the area they believed the men hung out.


It was quiet, run down, only four single storey properties were visible and two of them had boarded up windows - the only vehicle in sight was a red van. Hutch tightened the grip he had on Molly's hand, bent his head and whispered in her ear, "Show time."


He felt her tense for a moment before she nodded and turned to him. The next moment he had her in his arms, his mouth on hers, his hands roaming over the body. It was the easiest thing he'd ever done and not just because of his relationship with Starsky, but also, well mainly, because of how young Molly looked and how small she felt in his arms. As he kissed her he kept reminding himself she was not a fifteen year old girl, she was a twenty-four year old police officer.


Suddenly he was aware they weren't alone and so keeping Molly in his arms and close to him, he looked up and saw four men leering at Molly and him - the looks on their faces made him shiver inside and he had to curb his desire to simply take all four of them on himself.


"Warm day," one of the men said.


Hutch nodded. "It is." He moved Molly a little so that she was pressed closer against him as two of the men began to quite clearly undress her with their eyes.


"Too warm to be outside without any shade."


Hutch nodded again. "Yeah, but I've got to be careful where we go, if you understand my meaning." He forced himself to glance down at Molly in a way that made him feel sick and then he raised an eyebrow at the man.


"Oh, yeah, I understand." The man now looked at Molly in the way Hutch had done and ran his tongue over his lips. "You want to come inside; we're renting that place over there." He nodded in the direction of the property in question. "It's nice and cool inside."


Hutch shrugged and looked down at Molly. "What do you want to do, Molly honey?"


She gazed up at him, her eyes wide. "Well, it is very hot out here, Ken."


"Come on, then," the man said turning around. Then he stopped and asked, his tone low, "Do you share?"


Hutch just grinned.




"You know, Starsk, if Dobey ever finds out what you did he'll . . . Well, you know what he'll do."


Starsky shifted in Hutch's arms. "Yeah, babe, I know. But you didn't really think I was going to let you just walk into the lions' den without me, did you?"


"But it could have all gone wrong."


Starsky shrugged. "They didn't see me. You didn't even see me, blondie, and you're the trained detective.


"I was a bit busy with other things."


"Yeah, I noticed that."




"Sorry, Hutch. I didn't mean -" Hutch silenced him by kissing him.


"Look, it all worked out in the end," Starsky said several minutes later. "So, it didn't quite go down as we'd planned it, but you're safe, Molly's safe, and those bastards are going away for a hell of a long time."


Hutch sighed. "I know but . . . Starsk, why did you do it?"


Starsky shrugged. "I couldn't lose you, Hutch, and I knew how guilty you'd feel if anything really bad had happened to Molly."


Hutch looked at his partner; Starsky was right. What did it matter really how it went down? All that mattered was they'd done their job; the bad guys had been caught and would never get the chance to rape, torture and murder again. They'd done it again; they'd won; justice had prevailed.


"Hey," he said, flipping Starsky over onto his back, "Molly did pretty well, didn't she?"


Starsky stared up at him and grinned. "She did. She really did. Deadly things stiletto heels."


They both laughed before Hutch once more kissed Starsky as his hands began to wander over Starsky's body.



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