Nikki Harrington

Starsky and Hutch had different reasons for joining the police force.
An established relationship story.
Written: October 2007. Word count: 100.

Starsky became a policeman because it was what his father had wanted.

Hutch became a policeman because it was the last thing his father had wanted.

When Starsky fell in love with Hutch, he knew his mother would understand.

When Hutch fell in love with Starsky, he knew his mother would not understand.

When Starsky's brother messed up, Hutch held Starsky and calmed him.

When Hutch's ex-wife was murdered, Starsky held Hutch while he cried.

When Gunther invalided Starsky off the force, Hutch left with him.

Hutch had joined the police because of hatred; he left it because of love.



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