Nikki Harrington


Starsky wants to know why Hutch stays in LA.

An established relationship story.

Written: August 2009. Word count: 300.




"Hey," Hutch said, nudging Starsky's arm.


Starsky looked up from the dictionary he'd been studying. "Huh?"


"Lunch." Hutch held out a plate of sandwiches. "Don't frown. Remember we're going to Captain Dobey's for dinner tonight."


Starsky smiled and grabbed a sandwich. "Oh, yeah. We are."


Hutch sat down at the table next to Starsky. "What are you doing?"


"Looking up stuff about rocks," Starsky said, around the cheese and tomato sandwich.


Hutch smiled and ruffled Starsky's curls. "Ah, Starsk," his tone was fond. "And what have you found out?"


Starsky looked at him. "That you're a xenolith," he replied, his tone low.


Hutch blinked. "What? Starsk, what are you on about?"


Starsky wiped his hand on his jeans and pushed the dictionary across to Hutch. "Look it says here that a xenolith is 'a piece of rock of different origin from the igneous rock in which it is embedded'."


"I know what it is. What I mean is why are you calling me one?"


Starsky glanced away; then looked back at his lover. "Because of where you came from and where you are now. You're different, Hutch. You live here in LA, you work in a job your dad hates, you're a country boy in the city. You're different; just like the piece of rock embedded in another piece. Why do you stay?" He held his breath.


Hutch looked at him. "Why do I stay?" he repeated. Starsky nodded. "Why do you think I stay?"


Starsky shrugged. "Don't know."


Hutch pushed the plate of sandwiches and dictionary out of reach and leaned towards Starsky, cupping his face between his hands. "You want to know why I stay?" His tone was low and full of affection. Starsky nodded. "David Michael Starsky, I stay in LA because of you." He kissed Starsky.



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