Nikki Harrington

Hawkeye breaks the rules.
An established relationship story.
Written: September 2008. Word count: 400.


After seventy-two hours of working constantly, he's finally asleep, but it's not a peaceful sleep.


But that's not unusual for Hawkeye; I'm not sure he's had a peaceful night's sleep since he got here. Even the nights he spends in my arms aren't peaceful. I often wonder what will happen to him when he finally gets to go home or the war ends - which ever comes first. I know one thing: he won't continue his association with the military, that's for sure.


He has little time for them, for their rules and regulations; he'll do his bit as 'officer of the day' when he has to, but it's mere lip service. More than once he's treated the so-called enemy, more than once he's treated locals, more than once he's turned a blind eye to what was fairly obviously a self-inflicted wound, more than once he's treated a deserter.


But this recent case, the one that kept him sitting by a bed for the hours he wasn't operating, was different. This case was a Marine; a deserting US Marine. We're an Army hospital, we shouldn't have treated him. But that's never stopped Hawk, it never will.


He didn't see a Marine; he didn't see a deserter; just as he doesn't see the enemy. All he saw was a badly injured person who needed his help, his expertise. He's a doctor first and that's what a doctor does: save lives. Race, color, creed, sex, religion, it doesn't come into it; it does for some, but not for Hawk. He's a doctor, not an Army Captain. They can put him in a uniform, they can give him dog tags, they can give him a rank, but that's all they can do. They can't make him think or act like an Army Captain should.


He saved him too; his Marine. Saved him to have to hand him over to the Corps and let him face whatever they throw at him. There are times Colonel Potter will join in the blind-eye turning, but he couldn't this time. Hawkeye knew that. I know he won't blame the Colonel; I know it won't change the respect he has for him.


After seventy-two hours of working constantly, he's finally asleep, but it's not a peaceful sleep.


Maybe, if I get into his bunk with him and hold him for a while, that'll make his sleep a bit more peaceful.



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